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On October 5, 2023 puppies from the couple Almira & Izmir were born

Welcome to "Selim Kangal," the premiere destination for purebred Kangal enthusiasts. Founded by Agahan Selimov and Oksana Selimova.

We proudly stand as the inaugural Belarusian breeding ground dedicated to the majestic Turkish Kangal.

Our journey began from a profound admiration for the breed's unparalleled lineage, tracing back to the esteemed dogs of Turkey, under the patronage of the Turkish Canine Union, KIF.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our collaboration with elite Kangal breeders from Turkey, Europe, and Russia, ensuring our puppies not only meet but exceed the FCI standards in both physique and temperament.

With best regards Agahan & Oksana Selimov!

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