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Our commitment to excellence is evident in our collaboration with elite Kangal breeders from Turkey, Europe, and Russia, ensuring our puppies not only meet but exceed the FCI standards in both physique and temperament. Each Kangal from our kennel embodies the essence of their heritage, and they will become your most devoted companions and cherished members of the family, as well as steadfast protectors and guardians.






– Kangals possess innate protective instincts, ensuring safety and security.

– They exhibit a profound love for children, making them ideal family pets.

– Their intelligence, coupled with a natural inclination for obedience, allows for effortless training without the need for professional guidance.

– Kangals are hardy, adapting seamlessly to both cold and warm climates, perfect for outdoor living throughout the year.

– Unlike many breeds, Kangals are known for their clean coat that lacks the typical "dog smell," minimizing grooming needs.

At Selim Kangal, our passion for these noble dogs drives us to offer nothing but the best. Whether you're seeking a loyal companion, a loving family member, or a vigilant protector, our Kangals are bred to bring joy, security, and an unmatched pedigree into your life.



















ILKEL ASALET ERKAN - The Progenitor of Passion:

Arriving in 2018, Erkan ignited our passion for Kangals. As the first Kangal shepherd registered in Belarus in 2018, he has set a high standard with his intelligence, steadfast psyche, and unwavering obedience. Erkan's prestigious titles include Champion of Belarus, Russia, and Lithuania. His debut at the "Russia-2018" international exhibition as a junior was met with high praise, adjudicated by KIF President Umit Ozkanal, solidifying his status as our kennel's most decorated dog.


GERDA OT V.K. KANGAL TURK KAN - The Maternal Marvel:

Gerda joined us in the same year as Erkan, bringing with her a noble lineage from Turkey's esteemed Kangals. Her ancestry boasts of legends like her father C'Samtad Yurekli Kazana and her great-grandfather Panther, a renowned Sivas wolfhound. Known for her wolf-like grey-pale coat, Gerda is not just a gentle soul and affectionate guardian but also a nurturing mother to her litters. Her titles as Champion of Belarus, Russia, and Lithuania speak volumes of her pedigree and grace.


IZMIR OT V.K. KANGAL TURK KAN - The Promising Protégé:

Our youngest male, Izmir, arrived in 2021 with expectations high, and he has not disappointed. His impeccable build and breed qualities have earned him the titles of Champion of Belarus and Russia. At the Minsk international exhibition in 2021, expert Ozan Belkis highlighted Izmir's exceptional breed characteristics, predicting a bright future for him in tribal work.


ALMIRA SELIM KANGAL - The Legacy Continuer:

Born in October 2019 within our kennel, Almira is a testament to the esteemed qualities of her parents, Erkan and Gerda. She has inherited their character, psychic strength, and protective instincts, along with Gerda's distinctive grey-pale coat. Almira, too, has proven her worth by winning the Champion titles of Belarus and Russia. Her victory at the 2021 Minsk international exhibition, under the judgment of Ozan Belkis, solidifies her position as a worthy heir to her legendary ancestors.




Since our inception in 2019, "Selim Kangal" has been recognized by the FCI as Belarus's sole Kangal breeding kennel, a testament to our commitment to purity and excellence. Our approach to breeding focuses on health, conformation, and a stable psyche, ensuring our Kangals are well-prepared for both show rings and as loyal companions.

Our partnership with esteemed breeders across Turkey, Europe, and Russia has enabled us to establish a kennel that not only breeds Kangals of the highest pedigree but also contributes to the rarity and appreciation of this magnificent breed in Europe.

As of 2024, our efforts continue to bear fruit, with our Kangals living across Belarus, Europe, and the CIS countries, making their mark in international exhibitions and winning hearts with their noble character and natural protective instincts.

Our mission at Selim Kangal extends beyond breeding; we aim to educate and inspire a broader appreciation for the Kangal breed, transforming curiosity into knowledgeable admiration. We take pride in witnessing the shift from "What breed is your dog?" to "You have a Kangal! I know this breed!" This recognition fuels our dedication to spreading love and respect for Kangals far and wide.

Welcome to "Selim Kangal," the premiere destination for purebred Kangal enthusiasts. Founded by Agahan Selimov and Oksana Selimova, we proudly stand as the inaugural Belarusian breeding ground dedicated to the majestic Turkish Kangal.

Our journey began from a profound admiration for the breed's unparalleled lineage, tracing back to the esteemed dogs of Turkey, under the patronage of the Turkish Canine Union, KIF. Our

IMAGE 2024-02-25 12_13_15.jpg

The story of our first Kangal began in 2017, following our move to the countryside near Minsk. In pursuit of a guardian for our home, fate guided us to the Kangal breed through the informative "Planet of Dogs" show hosted by Grigory Manev. Despite the breed's rarity in Belarus, our resolve led us to extensive research and a deep dive into the Kangal world via online resources and YouTube. Our experience over the years with male and female dogs, along with their puppies, has only solidified our trust in the Kangal breed. Here's why:

At Selim Kangal, we are proud to introduce our cherished family of Kangals, consisting of two distinguished males and two exceptional females, each bringing their unique lineage and character to our kennel. 

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